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Green Card Lottery USA - Live and Work in the USA

Green Card Lottery USA -Signup to the Official US DV Lottery immigration and naturalization program now.
Green Card Lottery, or DV lottery US is a program that was formed by the USA government to legally give a US work visa to people who want to immigrate to USA. USAGC Organization invites you to participate in the USA Green Card Lottery where you can win a green card USA to Live and Work in USA. This is your chance to take advantage of the green card program - Immigration and Naturalization opportunity offered to you by the official US Government DV Lottery or Green card Lottery law. Get you permanent us work visa now!
Winners will get FREE airline ticket to the USA*
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The Official American Green Card Lottery program benefits:
50,000 people and their families will Live, Work and Study in the USA.
OFFICIAL USA Governmental program.
Your chance to LIVE, WORK & STUDY in the USA.

Simple registration within 5 minutes.

Personal support in every step.
Double chance for married people to win the Green Card.

Important to all:

According to the US DEPARTMENT OF STATE entries for the US GREEN CARD LOTTERY must be submitted electronically via the ELECTRONIC DIVERSITY VISA ENTRY FORM. The USAGC Organization is now accepting applications online. How much does it cost? Participation in the USAGreen Card Lottery is FREE. We, at the USAGC Organization, charge for the professional and expertise service we give you. Our professional service for Green Card Lottery USA includes: Green Card Lottery application service, information check, correcting of wrong or invalid US green card lottery application data, support in different languages, correct completion of the application, and submission of the DV Lottery application on time and to the correct address. USAGC ensures that your USA Green Card Lottery application or DV Lottery application will not be disqualified. For more information on the Green Card Lottery and Immigration and Naturalization send us your questions or read about our advantages or our FAQ. send us your questions or read

about our advantages or our FAQ. You decide!
  Here are pros and cons for registering via the USAGC Organization website versus the US State Department website. You decide through which website you want to register!
The Service
The USA State Department Website
The USAGC Website
Registration Available now
Equal chance to all participants to win
Free of charge
Registration 365 days a year
Free airline ticket to winners to go to the USA*
Option available to send photos by regular mail
USA Department Of State From the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs Visa Services:
The congressionally mandated Diversity Immigrant Visa Program is administered on an annual basis by the Department of State and conducted under the terms of Section 203(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Section 131 of the Immigration Act of 1990 (Pub. L. 101-649) amended INA 203 to provide for a new class of immigrants known as "diversity immigrants" (DV immigrants). Alien petitioners for the Diversity Visa Program will no longer be permitted to submit a petition by mail. Instead, the Department will require that all petitions be submitted to it in an electronic format, using an Internet website dedicated specifically to the submission and receipt of Diversity Visa.
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USAGC Organization is now accepting applications online.
USAGC Organization, as a nongovernmental entity providing a value added service for the registration to the DV Green Card program, will forward your registration directly to the US State Department site.
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USAGC Organization is now accepting applications online.

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* You can win an air line ticket to USA at a worth of up to €1,000 (see Terms & Conditions). Clients who purchased the "VIP Benefits" will also receive a €1,000 rebate on legal assistance; personal job search assistance and accommodation search assistance in USA (see Terms & Conditions).